Since the time we first started endorsing candidates for leadership positions with DC Bar Association, great strides have been made in diversity in the legal community, including greatly increased recruitment, treatment, and retention of LGBT legal professionals, and staff working for them. Discrimination has not, however, been eliminated, and the LGBT Bar Association of DC continues to look to the DC Bar to be a leader in the fight to end discrimination on any basis in the profession. Prior to 2012, we endorsed only one candidate for each position available. Since then, we have found that many, and now most, candidates enthusiastically endorse LGBT-supportive positions, and have and will continue to work to achieve our goals. We believe we should endorse all such candidates, as there is no basis for The LGBT Bar Association of DC to make its decisions based on factors other than support for the LGBT community and its interests. Based on the foregoing, The LGBT Bar Association of DC is pleased to endorse the following candidates in the 2017 DC Bar Association elections:

Candidates for President-Elect

Esther H. Lim
Leah M. Quadrino

Candidate for Secretary

Brenda Zwack

Candidates for Treasurer

A.J. S. Dhaliwal
Jonathan D. Kossak

Candidates for Board of Governors

David E. Hawkins
Megan Lacchini
Sadina Montani
Helen L. Serassio
Keiko K. Takagi
Benjamin F. Wilson
Carolina M. Wirth

Candidates for ABA House of Delegates

Emil J. Ali
D. Jean Veta

Under-36 seat

Malaika M. Lindo
Carter C. Simpson

DC Bar members have until May 19 to vote. Online voting is available at https://www.dcbar.org/vote/index.cfm.